Carbon Batteries

Our carbon batteries are widely utilized in household devices, employing a carbon rod as the positive electrode and zinc as the negative electrode. Cost-effective and commonly found in low-drain devices like remote controls and flashlights,these batteries offer a reliable solution for applications with moderate power requirements.

While they have a lower energy density compared to alkaline batteries, our carbon batteries remain a popular and dependable choice.

Gel Batteries

Explore the efficiency of our gel batteries, a type of valve-regulated lead-acid (VRLA) battery utilizing a gel electrolyte to immobilize sulfuric acid. The design enhances safety, making our gel batteries spill-proof and suitable for various applications.

Commonly employed in solar power systems, RVs, and backup power systems, these batteries offer reliable and maintenance-free energy storage. With sealed construction and resistance to deep discharges, our gel batteries ensure durability and efficiency for long-term use.

Lithium Batteries

Lithium batteries, renowned for their high energy density, power a myriad of modern devices, from smartphones to electric vehicles. This rechargeable battery type offers a longer lifespan and lighter weight compared to traditional alternatives.

Widely used in portable electronics and emerging energy storage systems, lithium batteries deliver efficient and consistent power, making them a cornerstone of modern battery technology. However, careful management and disposal are essential due to safety considerations associated with their chemical composition.

Tubular Batteries

Experience the prowess of our tubular batteries, a variant of lead-acid batteries featuring distinctive tubular positive plates. This construction enhances durability and allows for efficient deep cycling, making them ideal for applications like inverters and solar power systems.

Known for their resilience to frequent discharges and extended service life, our tubular batteries are a reliable choice for off-grid and backup power solutions. The robust construction minimizes maintenance needs, making them popular in areas with unreliable power grids.

Carbon 200

Reliable Power, Long-lasting Performance - 200Ah 12V Battery

Meet your energy needs with our 200Ah 12V battery. With a design life of 15 years, M8 terminals, and an approximate weight of 64.0kg, it's the ideal choice for sustained and dependable power. Trust in quality and durability for your energy solutions.

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