eastman tubular gel batteries

Platinum Series

Our batteries are designed for unparalleled reliability and performance. With gelled electrolyte technology, they prevent stratification and ensure consistent power without PSOC failure. Valve-regulated and maintenance-fr they require no water top-up. Crafted from an antimony-free alloy, they boast low self-discharge rates.

Offering superior design and service life compared to AGM VRLA batteries, they excel in cyclic and float applications. With a wide operating temperature range and robust tubular construction, they exhibit minimal corrosion for long-lasting durability.


Available Models


Optimize energy storage with the EM-200PT

A 12V tubular gel battery featuring a rated capacity of 180Ah. With dimensions of 445mm*190mm*406mm, a gross weight of 65.10kg, and L-type terminals, it delivers reliable power with efficiency, making it suitable for diverse applications.

Nominal Voltage12
Rated Capacity180
Gross Weight65.10
Terminal TypeL
AH Efficiency>96%
Available MarketAF, ME, CIS, LATAM

Product Features

  • Gelled electrolyte - no stratification and no failure due to PSOC
  • Valve regulated - no water top up during service life
  • Antimony free alloy - Low Self Discharge
  • Very High Design & service life as compare to than AGM VRLA
  • Good for Cyclic & Float Applications
  • Wide operating Temperature Range.
  • Robust Tubular with High pressure diecasted spine - rate of spine corrosion is very low as compare to AGM VRLA




Batteries play a pivotal role in a diverse range of applications, serving as essential components in various sectors, spanning from energy storage to electric vehicles.

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